The principles that have always driven FMI – Fan Motors Italia Srl are specialization and constant investments in research and cutting-edge technologies. Thanks to these, it has become a leader in the production of electric motors for different industrial applications, including refrigeration and air conditioning.

At the headquarters of Caronno Pertusella, near Milan, the technicians work to constantly improve their know-how with a high technical and scientific profile, also recognized at international level.

Since 1995 the ability to identify the most suitable solutions for each individual customer, flexibility and great competence are the strengths of FMI. Over the years, it has been able to develop strong partnerships around the world that have allowed it to grow further and become part of production – exclusively focused on shielded pole motors and related accessories – of electric motors developed for refrigeration, air conditioning, Food, Clean Energy, Oil & Gas, Electronics and IT.

The history of FMI – Fan Motors Italia Srl is a path of record and technological and commercial successes that have allowed it to develop partnerships all over the world.
The range of products, initially focused on shielded pole motors and related accessories, has been enriched over time as detailed in these pages.