Food: processing and transformation of semi-finished products

The main customers of the food industry of FMI Fan Motors Italia belong to companies that are dedicated to the processing and transformation of semi-finished products obtained, to create finished products to be used for consumption on tables, in the home and in catering, in the face of adequate conditioning/packaging. FMI Fan Motors Italia, designs and manufactures engines for furnaces ad hoc and other equipment, such as pasta machines, juicers and mixers. The food sector brings together a multiplicity of processes that affect the entire supply chain, from the raw material to the finished product. It is important that high hygiene standards are respected to avoid contamination of the processed product. In addition, the technology of engines for the food industries must be highly reliable: a malfunction or a “stop machine” during the production process can cause degeneration of the product. It should also be considered that a higher technological level of efficiency involves reducing the installed electrical power, optimizing and saving the process. Among the most common instruments in the sector there are motors for furnaces, fans that can be positioned in different systems of filtration systems in industrial kitchens and equipment for specific processes.